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ABC Coke—Div. of Drummond Co.

ABC Coke is the leading merchant foundry coke producer in the United States, and is known for its high-quality product and long-standing customer relationships. The plant has over 132 ovens, with annual capacity of approximately 730 thousand tons of saleable coke.

DTE Energy Services, Inc.

DTE Energy Co. (NYSE: DTE) is a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide.

Erie Coke Corp.

Erie Coke Corporation is an ISO 9001 Registered merchant producer of high-performance foundry coke.

SunCoke Energy, Inc.

SunCoke produces over 5 million tons of high quality metallurgical coke, in the U.S. and Brazil, with its proprietary heat recovery coke making technology. This technology meets or exceeds U.S. EPA Maximum Achievable Control Technology standards, and provides clean cogen energy through the conversion of waste heat.

ERP Compliant Coke, LLC

ERP Compliant Coke, LLC has been one of the nation's leading manufacturers of coke since 1920. It produces approximately 460,000 tons of coke annually, meeting the most exacting requirements of the blast furnace market and the foundry industry alike.

Tonawanda Coke Corp.

Tonawanda Coke Corporation is an ISO 9001 Registered merchant producer of high-performance foundry coke.


AK Steel Corp.

AK Steel produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products, as well as carbon and stainless tubular steel products, for automotive, appliance, construction and manufacturing markets.


ArcelorMittal (NYSE: Mittal Steel NV) is the world's number one steel company, with over 320,000 employees in more than 60 countries. It has led the consolidation of the world steel industry and today ranks as the only truly global steelmaker.

Mountain State Carbon LLC

Mountain State Carbon LLC is a joint venture of RG Steel and Severstal North America, Inc. It has steelmaking and related finishing plants in Steubenville, Mingo Junction, Yorkville and Martins Ferry, OH and Allenport, PA. It is the operating entity of the Mountain State Carbon LLC Coke Plant in Follansbee, WV.

U. S. Steel

United States Steel Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., is an integrated steel producer with major production operations in the United States, Canada and Central Europe and an annual raw steelmaking capability of 31.7 million net tons. The company manufactures a wide range of value-added steel sheet and tubular products for the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, construction, and oil and gas industries.


Drummond Coal Sales, Inc.

Drummond primarily produces low sulfur or compliance coal, meeting Phase II requirements of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act. The Company's U.S. mining operations are located in Alabama. The international mining operations are located in Colombia, serving customers in both the U.S. and Europe.

Logan & Kanawha LLC

The company produces and markets coal to: (1) metallurgical coke producers for our high fluidity high volatile coking coal and (2) the low sulfur thermal coal market.

Robindale Energy Services, Inc.

Robindale Energy Services is a producer of low and mid volatile coking coal and premium anthracite.

Rosebud Mining Company

The Rosebud Mining Co was founded in 1979 by J. Clifford Forrest with the acquisition of a coal reserve in northern Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, near East Brady. The first mine commenced operations in 1983. Over time, additional reserves, coal preparation plants & companies were acquired & developed. Rosebud Mining Co acquired several individual reserves & coal mines in PA & also expanded into OH. In 2010 Rosebud acquired the assets of Buckeye Industrial Minerals in OH, Parkwood Resouces, Inc & TJS Mining & Associated Co in Western PA. Rosebud is the majority owner & operating partner of a joint venture operating in Indiana & Armstrong Counties of PA. Most recently Rosebud acquired the assets of Amfire Mining Co in PA from the parent company, Alpha Natural Resources. Today Rosebud owns & operates 28 underground mines, 9 coal preparation plants & several surface mines mining high quality low volatile, medium volatile & class A & B high volatile metallurgical coals & thermal coals, supplying the regional & tri-state electrical generation markets employing approx. 1300 people in PA & the eastern OH coal fields. Rosebud Mining Co is still owned & operated by Cliff Forrest.

TECO Coal Corp.

Producer and supplier of high volatile, low sulfur, low ash coals used for making coke and for pulverized coal injection. Has operations in Kentucky.


Draco Resources Inc.

Private US based coal development company which is focusing on a hard coking coal deposit in the Southern USA. The company has recognised the potential of a coking coal mine to be developed in this region, and has selected its core project, the Heavener Project for purposes of Environmental Responsibility, Coal Quality, and Safety.

Hickman, Williams & Company

Employee owned company that primarily sells metallurgical coke to the foundry, steel, and industrial markets. Processing division provides byproduct screening for coke breeze, nut coke, and buckwheat coke; coke drying; and rescreening of stocked blast furnace coke.

Mid-Continent Coal and Coke Company

International buyer and seller of all metallurgical and petroleum coke products, including coke breeze, nut coke, and blast furnace coke. Operates 13 screening and loading facilities in North America.

Ruetgers ChemTrade GmbH

Trades in refined hydrocarbons, aromatics, acids, bases and sulfates as well as dyestuffs and pigments. Ruetgers ChemTrade is a partner to many companies in the fertilizer, mineral and aluminum industries throughout the world as well as integrated smelting plants, steel mills, foundries, distilleries, petroleum processors and carbon black producers.

Xcoal Energy & Resources

Xcoal Energy & Resources is involved in the marketing and production of metallurgical and thermal coal. Xcoal is also involved in mine development, mine financing and related infrastructure projects.



Coopers Creek Chemical Corp.

Coopers Creek Chemical Corporation is a refiner of Crude Coal Tar. Crude Coal tar is a by-product of the Metallurgical Coke making process. Our products include Coal Tar, Coal Tar Pitches, Coal Tar Pitch Cutbacks, Distillate Oils and Creosote. Along with our bulk products we manufacture Asphalt and Coal Tar based protective coatings. Many of these coatings are sold under private label agreement with some of the largest paint manufacturers in the world.

Koppers, Inc.

Koppers is a global company and a leading integrated producer of chemicals, carbon compounds, and treated wood products for the aluminum, steel, chemical, rubber, railroad and utility industries.

Lone Star Specialties, LLC

Lone Star coal tar coatings are products of carefully chosen coal tars having low carbon values, carefully blended with mineral fillers, carbon plasticizers and selected grades of heavy oils and solvents distilled from coal tar.

Stella-Jones Inc.

Stella-Jones Inc. manufactures refined coal tar products such as RT-12 used in pavement sealer and coal tar pitch for roofing. Our distillate products include P1 creosote, P2 creosote solution and naphthalene oil. In addition, we serve the railroad industry with quality treated wood products, switching and track maintenance services, and environmentally friendly railroad tie pickup and disposal solutions.

RUETGERS Canada Inc.



Matrix NAC

Union contractor with a 27 year history of erecting new and repairing coke oven batteries. Worked on 31 different batteries in 18 coke plants in the U.S. and Canada. Also supply construction planning and repair techniques, and direct hire construction services on coke oven batteries, coke wharfs, material handling systems, coke oven machinery, and emission control systems.

AKJ Industries

Provides patented process recycling services for tar decanter sludge and other hazardous and non-harzardous wastes to the coke. Supplies dust control and freeze conditioning programs to coke plants and mining operations through its chemical division.

Argus Media

Argus Media is the world's largest independent energy news and price reporting agency. Argus is a leading provider of price assessments, business intelligence and market data for the global crude oil, petroleum products, gas, LPG, coal, electricity, biofuels, biomass, emissions and transportation industires.

CSX Transportation

CSX Corporation, based in Jacksonville, Florida., owns companies providing rail, intermodal, and rail-to-truck transload services that are among the nation's leading transportation companies, connecting more than 70 river, ocean, and lake ports, as well as more than 200 shortline railroads. Its principal operating company, CSX Transportation Inc., operates the largest railroad in the eastern United States with a 22,000-mile rail network linking commercial markets in 23 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces. CSXT provides service from the largest number of active coal origins, seamlessly interchanges with western railroads and shortlines, and provides access to multiple eastern seaports. Our car fleet readily supports a variety of loading and unloading systems for coal and coal-related products including coke, iron ore, petroleum coke and synfuel.

Fosbel, Inc.

General coke oven refractories repairs, including ceramic welding (patented), brick repair/replacement, gunning, consumable refractories, heating consultation, and micowall end flue repair system (patented).

Fuse Tech Inc.

The ceramic welding process was developed and originally designed for the situ repair of glass furnaces. In 1979 the technology was introduced to the United States as a method to repair coke oven walls in the steel industry. Since then the process has evolved to include other industries, primarily glass, aluminum, copper, foundry and cement.

H Quest Vanguard, Inc

H Quest Vanguard was established in 2014 and operates a research and development facility at U-PARC (former Gulf Research Labs) campus in Harmar, PA. It is commercializing Wave LiquefactionTM: a process that converts solid hydrocarbons to liquid fuels and chemicals. Wave LiquefactionTM is a rapid, efficient, continuous process, benefitting from a compact footprint, a simple modular design, high feedstock flexibility, and liquid yields exceeding 50% wt (d.a.f.) for most coals tested. It has a low environmental impact, with little to no CO2 emissions or water consumption.



Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek is a leading provider of laboratory testing, research, inspection and consulting services for global industry, markets and institutions.

J.G. Jr. Consulting and Associates, LLC


Kingstown Capital Management, LP

Kingstown Capital Management, LP is a value-oriented investment partnership that focuses on special situation securities across the capital structure.

M. Dusel, Inc.


McKeown Group

The McKeown Group is a series of multi-national, multi-disciplined companies that have been servicing the international metals industries for over 30 years. McKeown International, Inc. and its subsidiaries market a wide range of engineered products and consumables to the steel, foundry, glass, cement and non-ferrous industries. McKeown's product line includes: EAF and ladle electrodes, mag carbon brick for electric furnace and ladle applications, mag dolomite brick for AOD linings, high alumina brick for steel mills and foundries, insulating brick for most every metal and furnace application, silica/fireclay refractory, and ceramic welding for the coke oven and glass industries. McKeown International also specializes in the supply of engineering and components for continuous casting machines, complete mold housing assemblies including copper molds, copper plates, water jackets, spray zones and foot roller assemblies for bloom, billet and slab casters. Likewise, engineering and machinery for coke oven coal charging cars and pusher machines can also be provided by the McKeown Group or its subsidiaries.

Met Coke Consultants

Met Coke Consultants provides advisory and consulting services to steel mills, coal companies and coke plants in the USA and numerous countries around the world. MCC has extensive knowledge of coking quality of coals from all over the world. MCC assists clients in Coal Blend Designing and various Heat Recovery Coke Making Technologies.

Norfolk Southern Corp.

Virginia-based holding company with headquarters in Norfolk. Railroad system owns and operates lines extending over approximately 21,800 miles of road in 22 states, District of Columbia, and providence of Ontario, Canada. Coal has been the specialty for over 100 years, with expertise in sourcing, blending, and moving steam and metallurgical coals to domestic and international markets.

Orion Engineered Carbons

Orion Engineered Carbons is one of the world's leading suppliers of Carbon Black. With more than 100 years of industry experience, we offer standard and high-performance products for Coatings, Printing Inks, Polymers, Rubber and other applications. Our high-quality Gas Blacks, Furnace Blacks and Special Blacks tint, colorize and enhance the performance of plastics, paints and coatings, inks and toners, adhesives and sealants, tires, and manufactured rubber goods such as automotive belts and hoses.

Uhde Corporation of America

Complete engineering services for the cokemaking industry, including inspections, feasibility studies, design/process engineering, procurement; and construction for coke oven batteries, byproduct facilities, oven machinery, coke quenching, and non-recovery coke ovens including battery repairs (technology, execution, maintenance).

United Refractories, Inc.

United Refractories, Inc. manufactures numerous products for various industries. The company offers a wide array of solutions for the foundry, aluminum, boiler, cement, incinerator and steel industries.

Wilson Industrial Sales Company

Supplier of chemicals such as sulfuric acid to coke plants, and purchaser of byproducts such as ammonium sulfate, anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, and sulfur.


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