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To advance the interests of the metallurgical coke and coal chemicals industry by communicating industry positions to members of Congress and Federal regulatory officials; cooperating with governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the industry; providing a forum for the exchange of information and discussion of issues; collecting statistics related to the industry; and, promoting the use of coke and its byproducts in the marketplace.



ACCCI should be a member-driven organization which represents all merchant coke producers equally.

ACCCI should be proactively involved in issues directly impacting U.S. merchant coke and coal chemicals producers┬┤ competitiveness, by:

a. monitoring and influencing government regulations to advance the interests of the industry, and;
b. conducting legislative lobbying on issues potentially affecting coke trade, imports and domestic competitive position.

ACCCI should facilitate efforts which promote the coke industry as a stable long-term supplier to its customers and other stakeholders.

ACCCI should facilitate the exchange of coke technology and information for members and coke customers (e.g., information clearinghouse, educational seminars, benchmarking, best management practices).

ACCCI should work with related industries and coalitions in order to meet the coke industry's goals and challenges.

ACCCI should provide opportunities for participation to non-merchant members in order to meet the coke industry's goals and challenges.

ACCCI should facilitate the promotion of safety, health, and environmental regulation compliance in the workplace and in the community.