Board and Staff

David C. Ailor, P.E.

American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute
Washington, D.C.

David Ailor has been with the Washington, D.C.-based American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute for more than 20 years.  His tenure with ACCCI includes 16 years, from 1989 – 2005, as ACCCI’s first Director of Regulatory Affairs; and, six years, from 2015 to the present, as President of the Institute.

As ACCCI President, Mr. Ailor, who reports to ACCCI’s Board of Directors, organizes and manages four off-site meetings of the Institute each year, including ACCCI’s Annual Meeting, a Business Meeting of the Board, and biannual meetings of ACCCI’s “Manufacturing, Environmental, and Safety and Health” (MESH) Committee.  Additionally, he prepares and manages an annual budget for the Institute.

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Mr. Ailor also has many of the same responsibilities he had from 1989 – 2005, when he served as ACCCI Director of Regulatory Affairs. His overall responsibility in this area is monitoring and reporting to ACCCI’s membership on Federal agency actions on environmental and employee safety issues of potential concern to the membership. Related responsibilities include analyzing regulations/legislation; formulating policy positions; developing regulatory responses; and, working with the relevant regulatory agencies (EPA, OSHA) to ensure the reasonableness of the regulations being developed.

Mr. Ailor’s previous professional experience in Washington, D.C. includes senior staff regulatory affairs positions with the Washington, D.C.-based National Oilseed Processors Association, for which he worked from 1989 – 2015. Prior to coming to Washington, D.C., Mr. Ailor held environmental engineering positions with Frito-Lay, Inc. (Plano, TX), The Standard Oil Company of Ohio (Cleveland, OH); TRW, Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC); and, the California Air Resources Board (Sacramento, CA).

Mr. Ailor is a registered Professional Engineer and holds an M.S.C.E. degree from Purdue University and a B.S.C.E. degree from North Carolina State University.

Janis R. Deitch, MLIS

Director of Administration
American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute
Washington, D.C.

Janis Deitch has been with the Washington, D.C.-based American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute for 16 years, from 2005 to the present, as Director of Administration for the Institute.

As ACCCI Director of Administration, Ms. Deitch manages, tracks, reviews, and prepares reports for all general accounting, bookkeeping, and financial particulars of the Institute. She works closely with ACCCI’s independent auditor to coordinate and implement the annual audit and filings of related documents. 

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Ms. Deitch collects data, compiles, and prepares all statistical reports for the Institute and recommends and assists on the facilitation of the Institute’s website. Additionally, she provides communications and support to Institute members and serves as event and venue liaison for the ACCCI Annual Meeting. Ms. Deitch maintains, archives, and secures the Institute’s documents.

Ms. Deitch’s previous professional experience includes serving as the Director of Information and Library Services for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Research Triangle Park, NC) as staffed by the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC), Executive Director of the Association of Emergency Physicians (Pittsburgh, PA), and Information Management and Technology Specialist for H.B. Maynard & Company (Pittsburgh, PA).

Ms. Deitch holds an MLIS degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a BS degree from Washington and Jefferson College.


Chairman: Jeffrey Wozek, SunCoke Energy, Inc.
Vice Chairman: Michael Rhoads, U. S. Steel Corporation
Secretary-Treasurer: Ron Burnette, DTE Energy Services, Inc.


President: David C. Ailor, P.E.
Director of Administration: Janis R. Deitch, MLIS
General Counsel: David Menotti, Esq.

Jay Cornelius, ABC Coke
Sharon Parker, ABC Coke
Rob Carlin, DTE Energy Services, Inc.
Ron Burnette, DTE Energy Services, Inc.
Ernie Goffi, Fosbel Inc.
Benjamin Rankin, Hickman, Williams & Company
Joe Rosenberg, Koppers, Inc.
Thomas Gisewhite, Resco Products, Inc.
Jeffrey Wozek, SunCoke Energy, Inc.
Pat Nigl, SunCoke Energy, Inc.
Michael Rhoads, U. S. Steel Corporation

Coal Chemicals Committee
Industry Supplier Committee
Manufacturing, Environmental, and Safety and Health (MESH) Committee