ACCCI Membership

Membership Benefits


Advocacy on Federal legislative and regulatory actions of interest/concern to the metallurgical coke and coal chemicals industry.


Annual meetings of the membership which provide members with updated market information, opportunities to discuss industry issues, and opportunities to network with colleagues.


Semiannual meetings of manufacturing, environmental and employee safetyl/health professionals of ACCCI’s coke producer member companies to share operational experiences and discuss legislative and regulatory matters of interest/concern to the industry.


Periodic employee safety reports of injury/illness rates for coke producers and tar refiners. The Max Eward Safety Award is awarded annually to the coke plant(s) with the best safety record in the industry. The Tar Refiner Safety Award is awarded annually to the tar refining plant(s) with the best safety records in the industry.


Quarterly statistical reports on the production, distribution, and inventory levels of foundry coke, furnace coke, other industrial coke, and breeze; and, on the quantity and quality of tar produced and sold.


Merchant Metallurgical Coke Producers
Integrated Metallurgical Coke Producers
Tar Refiners
Metallurgical Coal Producers
Sales Agents/Brokers
Chemical Producers/Processors
Industry Suppliers
Academic Individuals

Our Members

Merchant Coke Producers

ABC Coke—Div. of Drummond Co.

ABC Coke is the leading merchant foundry coke producer in the United States, and is known for its high-quality product and long-standing customer relationships. Its plant has 132 ovens, with an annual capacity of approximately 730 thousand tons of saleable coke.

DTE Energy Services, Inc.

DTE Energy Co. (NYSE: DTE) is a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide.

SunCoke Energy, Inc.

SunCoke produces over 5 million tons of high quality metallurgical coke, in the U.S. and Brazil, with its proprietary heat recovery coke making technology. This technology meets or exceeds U.S. EPA Maximum Achievable Control Technology standards, and provides clean cogen energy through the conversion of waste heat.

Integrated Coke Producers

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.

Cleveland-Cliffs is the largest flat-rolled steel producer in North America. Founded in 1847 as a mine operator, Cliffs also is the largest manufacturer of iron ore pellets in North America. The Company is vertically integrated from mined raw materials, direct reduced iron, and ferrous scrap to primary steelmaking and downstream finishing, stamping, tooling, and tubing. The Company serves a diverse range of markets due to its comprehensive offering of flat-rolled steel products and is the largest supplier of steel to the automotive industry in North America. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland-Cliffs employs approximately 25,000 people across its mining, steel and downstream manufacturing operations in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

AK Steel produces flat-rolled carbon, stainless and electrical steel products, as well as carbon and stainless tubular steel products, for automotive, appliance, construction and manufacturing markets.ArcelorMittal (NYSE: Mittal Steel NV) is the world’s number one steel company, with over 320,000 employees in more than 60 countries. It has led the consolidation of the world steel industry and today ranks as the only truly global steelmaker.

Mountain State Carbon LLC is a joint venture of RG Steel and Severstal North America, Inc. It has steelmaking and related finishing plants in Steubenville, Mingo Junction, Yorkville and Martins Ferry, OH and Allenport, PA. It is the operating entity of the Mountain State Carbon LLC Coke Plant in Follansbee, WV.

Stelco Inc.

Building Quality and Trust Quality is the driving force behind Stelco’s commitment to building the trust and loyalty of our customers. Today, in our technologically advanced facilities at Hamilton Harbour and Lake Erie, a proud workforce of 2,200 men and women bring together more than a century of hard-earned expertise, proprietary practices, and innovation. The record of safety, environmental responsibility and job quality established by Stelco employees is unmatched in North America and around the world. This is Canadian steel, built by Canadians, for customers who require on-time delivery of the best quality products to get the job done. Together, we are building on a time-tested vision that proves quality will always matter.

Stelco was born out of an era of tremendous change, and Canada’s steel company forged its reputation on adapting to customer needs. Asserting an innovative, forward-thinking vision has been central to Stelco’s resilience through the years, as generations of Stelco employees have left their mark on their company, communities, and their country.

Throughout more than a century of building superior quality steel products, our leadership has consistently worked with employees to engineer Stelco’s operations around a changing market place and the evolving needs of customers. Working closely with leadership teams in partner sectors, Stelco leaders analyze the latest data and industry forecasts to understand and
innovate on the requirements of the automotive, construction, infrastructure, agriculture, appliance, manufacturing and pipe and tube industries.

Powered by Canadian craftsmanship, Stelco’s operations in Hamilton and Nanticoke reflect the strength of each community. Fully integrated, these industry-leading facilities are among the most safe, environmentally progressive, and productive steel plants in the world.

U. S. Steel

U. S. Steel, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a steel producer with major production operations in the United States and Central Europe.

For the past several years, we have been re-shaping U. S. Steel to transform the future of our company, our customers, and the industry. On the surface, U. S. Steel’s Best for All(SM) strategy offers customers the advantages of both integrated and mini mill steelmaking capabilities, the latter of which we’re building with the acquisition of Big River Steel and construction of a new state-of-the-art electric arc furnace at our Fairfield, AL, plant.

But this goes far deeper than steelmaking methods. It’s about creating an environment where talented people grow and thrive. It’s about an intensified focus on our customers that guides collaborative, cross-functional teams and drives game-changing solutions. It’s about innovating to lead the way to sustainable steel. We are building the new U. S. Steel with a big, visionary goal: to transform the future of steel.


Coopers Creek Chemical Corp.

Coopers Creek Chemical Corporation is a refiner of Crude Coal Tar. Crude Coal tar is a by-product of the Metallurgical Coke making process. Our products include Coal Tar, Coal Tar Pitches, Coal Tar Pitch Cutbacks, Distillate Oils and Creosote. Along with our bulk products we manufacture Asphalt and Coal Tar based protective coatings. Many of these coatings are sold under private label agreement with some of the largest paint manufacturers in the world.

Koppers, Inc.

Koppers is an integrated global provider of treated wood products, wood treatment chemicals and carbon compounds. Its products and services are used in a diverse range of end-markets, including the railroad, specialty chemical, utility, residential lumber, agriculture, aluminum, steel, rubber, and construction industries.

Lone Star Specialties, LLC

Lone Star’s coal tar coatings are products of carefully chosen coal tars having low carbon values, carefully blended with mineral fillers, carbon plasticizers and selected grades of heavy oils and solvents distilled from coal tar.

Arbor Preservative Systems

Arbor Preservative Systems manufactures refined coal tar products such as RT-12 used in pavement sealer and coal tar pitch for roofing. Our distillate products include P1 creosote, P2 creosote solution and naphthalene oil. In addition, our parent company Stella-Jones serves the railroad industry with quality treated wood products, switching and track maintenance services, and environmentally friendly railroad tie pickup and disposal solutions.

Rain Carbon Inc

Rain Carbon Inc. is a global leader and innovator in the production of raw materials critical to worldwide users of carbon products and advanced materials, including producers of aluminum, steel, titanium dioxide, coatings, plastics, concrete, pavement sealers, tires and preserved railway ties and utility poles. We are a resourceful, reliable and responsible partner who transforms the byproducts of other industries into essential ingredients for a wide range of industrial processes and products. Our coal tar distillation products include coal tar pitches, coal tar creosote, carbon black oil, refined tars, naphthalene oil and coal tar light oil. With more than 150 years of experience and an eye toward the future, we continually discover ways to bring new value to all the industries we serve.


Drummond Coal Sales, Inc.

Drummond primarily produces low sulfur or compliance coal, meeting Phase II requirements of the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act. The Company’s U.S. mining operations are located in Alabama. The international mining operations are located in Colombia, serving customers in both the U.S. and Europe.

Robindale Energy Services, Inc.

Robindale Energy Services is a producer of low and mid volatile coking coal and premium anthracite.

Rosebud Mining Company

The Rosebud Mining Co was founded in 1979 by J. Clifford Forrest with the acquisition of a coal reserve in northern Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, near East Brady. The first mine commenced operations in 1983. Over time, additional reserves, coal preparation plants and companies were acquired and developed. Rosebud Mining Co acquired several individual reserves and coal mines in PA and also expanded into OH. In 2010 Rosebud acquired the assets of Buckeye Industrial Minerals in OH, Parkwood Resouces, Inc and TJS Mining & Associated Co in Western PA. Rosebud is the majority owner and operating partner of a joint venture operating in Indiana and Armstrong Counties of PA. Most recently, Rosebud acquired the assets of Amfire Mining Co in PA from the parent company, Alpha Natural Resources. Today Rosebud owns and operates 28 underground mines, 9 coal preparation plants and several surface mines mining high quality low volatile, medium volatile and class A and B high volatile metallurgical coals and thermal coals, supplying the regional and tri-state electrical generation markets, employing approximately 1300 people in PA and the eastern OH coal fields. Rosebud Mining Co is still owned and operated by Cliff Forrest.


Hickman, Williams & Company

Hickman, Williams & Company is an employee owned company that primarily sells metallurgical coke to the foundry, steel, and industrial markets. Its processing division provides byproduct screening for coke breeze, nut coke, and buckwheat coke; coke drying; and rescreening of stocked blast furnace coke.

Mid-Continent Coal and Coke Company

Mid-Continent Coal and Coke Company is an international buyer and seller of all metallurgical and petroleum coke products, including coke breeze, nut coke, and blast furnace coke. It operates 13 screening and loading facilities in North America.

Xcoal Energy & Resources

Xcoal Energy & Resources is involved in the marketing and production of metallurgical and thermal coal. Xcoal is also involved in mine development, mine financing and related infrastructure projects.



AKJ Steel Industries, Inc.

AKJ Steel Industries provides patented process recycling services for tar decanter sludge and other hazardous and non-hazardous wastes to the coke. It supplies dust control and freeze conditioning programs to coke plants and mining operations through its chemical division.


Avalotis Corporation is a leading industrial services provider, serving the United States, Central America and the Caribbean for 50 years. We offer specialized industrial services including surface preparation and abatement, painting protective coatings, specialty coatings and linings, flooring systems, scaffolding and containment, and related services.

Bisco Refractories

Bisco Refractories services the refractory installation and maintenance needs of American iron and steel producers. Bisco Refractories’ project managers are refractory experts with the experience needed to plan and execute installations in even the most complex industrial environments. They manage and facilitate emergency repairs, planned shutdowns, and new builds. They are expert craftsmen dedicated to project success and customer satisfaction.


ChemTreat is one of the world’s largest providers of water treatment products and services. Our proprietary solutions allow our customers to reduce water, chemical, and energy costs, extend asset life, improve process operations, and reduce downtime. We have expertise in a variety of industries, including automotive, food and beverage, chemical, fuel processing, metals, mining, power, pulp and paper, and textiles. Our company has developed a robust product portfolio for the prevention of corrosion, scale, and bio-fouling in critical heat transfer systems and advanced polymers for industrial wastewater.

Fosbel, Inc.

Fosbel’s industry experts partner with your plant management and operations team to engineer a total maintenance solution to optimize production while reducing energy costs and emissions. Our extensive range of services include ceramic welding, repair solutions from non-flammable liquid dusting to highly effective gunning repairs to non-invasive grit blast cleaning, with many more repair solution options. Our Custom Design Services work closely with you to provide a solution for online hot coke oven wall rebuilds: Fosbel’s MICOWALL® construction is a unique design suited for all coke ovens, either horizontal or twin flue. The fewer shapes significantly reduce inventory and installation. We’ve also developed our MICOKAST™ Big Block design, which even further reduces the number of shapes and installation time. Fosbel’s experts are the industry experts in Complete Battery Maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Fluor Enterprises, Inc.

Fluor Enterprises, Inc.’s world-class tools, equipment, processes and expertise deliver sustainable, competitive advantages to clients. Fluor Enterprises, Inc. supports each stage of a maintenance, small capital project or asset need, from feasibility through to construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance with complete, flexible services, tailored to meet each client’s requirements. Working with the highest safety standards, our approach can deliver sustainable, measurable value to reduce capital outlays, increase productivity and improve operational performance.


JT THORPE is the largest refractory contractor in North America. JT THORPE performs refractory maintenance and capital work on both traditional coke batteries and heat recovery coke batteries in addition to providing refractory services to other plant areas for our integrated steel partners.

JR Industrial, Inc.

JR Industrial, Inc. is a primary maintenance and construction provider for coke companies. The company has 26 years of experience in the coke plant industry. JR Industrial’s workforce consists of long term employees who are very proficient in pipework, ironwork, equipment and civil endeavors.

M. Dusel, Inc.


Paul Wurth – SMS Group

Paul Wurth – SMS Group provides a complete portfolio for cokemaking technologies We offer new coke oven plant projects, as well as rebuilds/pad ups and repairs of complete coke oven plants; top and stamp charged coke oven batteries; coke oven machines; coal and coke handling; dry and wet coke quenching systems; coke oven gas treatment and by-product plants and advanced automation and control systems.

Resco Products, Inc.

Resco developed the world’s only Fused Silica Jamb Spray (Patented). It supplies lid and door sealants, gunite, mortars, brick, floor leveling vibratable, high pressure grouting, ceramic welding, and specialty equipment for installation of products.

thyssenkrupp Uhde USA, LLC

thyssenkrupp Uhde USA, LLC is engaged in the construction of coke ovens and coke oven byproduct plants and/or chemical plants. thyssenkrupp Uhde USA, LLC is a supplier of major components and/or machinery that constitutes major constituent parts of such ovens or plants. It’s a supplier of technical services or products to the coke industry.


Vanocur Refractories, LLC is engaged in the manufacture and repair of coke ovens using its patented coke oven repair technology. Vanocur Refractories works alongside companies to craft a customized solution that will, once implemented, mitigate loss during the repair/install process and maximize productivity.

Wilson Industrial Sales Company

Wilson Industrial Sales Company is a supplier of chemicals such as sulfuric acid to coke plants, and purchaser of byproducts such as ammonium sulfate, anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, and sulfur.